Ty Tabor Interview – King’s X, Solo

Ty Tabor Interview: Growing up in his family’s bluegrass band, frustrating early challenges King’s X had in finding their sound and getting it launched, playing Woodstock 25 in front of 300,000 people but feeling like no one was there, most important lessons learned from King’s X experiences. His favorite guitars, why he was so secretive about his tone in the early days, best decision he ever made, biggest influences, scuba diving with dangerous bull sharks in the Gulf, importance of questioning everything, love, his first Telstar guitar, loads more. Very cool  

Ty is most well-known for being the lead guitar player in King’s X, releasing 18 studio and live LPs and being instrumental in developing progressive metal rock. Ty’s also released 8 solo LPs and has mastered hundreds of records at his Alien Beans Studio

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