Chris Eldridge Interview – Punch Brothers, Julian Lage

One of the brightest and kindest people I’ve met, Chris shares stories about growing up with his dad, Ben, a founding member and banjo player of the legendary bluegrass band, The Seldom Scene… Playing with Paul Simon, John Paul Jones, and Tony Rice… his favorite guitars… behind the scenes of his most recent albums… the mental aspect of becoming successful, and some of the challenges Chris has dealt with in this area… most difficult decision he’s ever had to make, and the tremendous upside he gained from making it… LOADS more really cool stuff:

Founding member of the Punch Brothers, Chris just released his 5th album with Punch Brothers, and his second record with Julian Lage. Chris has received 5 Grammy nominations and is also the house guitarist on the public radio show, Live From Here, formerly known as A Prairie Home Companion

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