Jimbo Mathus Interview – Squirrel Nut Zippers

Super cool and passionate, Jim’s shares loads of great stories: Growing up in the Delta and learning his craft as part of a community of musicians, deliberately going out into the world to “get his ears wet,” and gain the experience needed to become a great songwriter… His relationship with Charlie Patton’s family, behind the scenes of the deep and intense songs on Incinerator, how he met Buddy Guy and some great Buddy stories, Spam, T Model Ford… legal battles that left him penniless and exhausted, and how he battled back – better than ever. GREAT energy & sincerity:

Born into a musical family in a small town in the Mississippi Delta, Jim is a multi-instrumentalist who fused all the music of his family (Delta blues, gypsy jazz, klezmer, bluegrass, roots, swing and other styles) and founded the Squirrel Nut Zippers. The band had gold and platinum records, and their LPm Perennial Favorites was #18 on Billboard, and Hot, hit #27. Jim has also toured and recorded with Buddy Guy, and built a successful solo career, releasing 15 solo studio LPs, including his most recent LP, Incinerator, which is a beautiful record. He’s also performed as a sideman, done sessions and produced dozens of albums in the Roots / Americana genre

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