Dan Patlansky Interview

Sacrifices Dan made to learn how to play, entertain, and be an artist… backstories to a number of his albums and tracks, dealing with anxiety and how music and guitar opened a flood of new opportunities, the danger of defining yourself by whatever it is you do, Awaken The Giant Within… deep geekery on Dan’s strats, pedals, amps, speakers, and more, honoring his commitments, joys & challenges of being a dad, tough decisions he had to make & more. 100% REAL, great guy with a positive attitude, and a killer player

Dan is a blues guitarist from South Africa. He is the only artist with 2 worldwide #1 Best Blues Rock albums, as voted by Blues Rock Review USA. He’s opened for Bruce Springsteen, Joe Satriani across 10 countries) & has released 9 LPs, touring all over the Eastern Hemisphere. With a tremendous strat sound, he’s one of the fiercest blues players around

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