Rex Paul Schnelle Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar

Rex talks about getting into guitar at age 6, meeting Eric Johnson, Dann Huff, Phil Keaggy, Bon Jovi, Jerry Reed, Randy Bachman & Vince Gill… his personal faith and how it’s influenced his life, building boundaries for better self-care, realizing the trap of “being liked,” as a performer, BBQ in his backyard, granite, and more. VERY honest:

Multi-instrumentalist Rex Paul Schnelle is an incredible artist who’s released 4 LPs with guests Eric Johnson, Dann Huff, and Phil Keaggy… he also has an LP he co-wrote with Phil Keaggy where they traded guitar solos. Rex has also played on over 3,000 demos, including tracks with Jon Bon Jovi, Tim McGraw, Jerry Reed, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Randy Bachman, Jack Blades (Nightranger) & others





Craig Garber

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