Marylata “Latie” Elton Interview – Sr. VP Dreamworks – Everyone Loves Guitar


19 year-old Latie Elton went from wearing stilettos while working at Jack LaLanne’s Spa to becoming Senior Vice President of Music at Dreamworks. She developed the feature film music department from the ground up, co-produced (with Hans Zimmer) songs on an Oscar-winning movie, was co-exective producer of a Diana Ross CD, and served as Artistic Director of Music for 7 DreamWorks animated features

Inside secrets here for anyone who’s ever wanted to know the inner workings of a record label, including: Top 3 mistakes artists make when signing to, or dealing with a label… biggest mistakes players make when sending in demos… the longevity of songwriters over artists… how movie studios view their soundtracks vs. how record companies view soundtracks… why licensing & writing for animation is infinitely more profitable over non-animated movie soundtrack licensing… how she was able to overcome a VERY low point in her life, and the wonderful job she did building her career while simultaneously taking great care of her family. REALLY interesting convo with an incredibly sincere lady:





Craig Garber

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