Billy Morrison Interview – The Cult, Billy Idol, Royal Machines, Camp Freddy – Everyone Loves Guitar

25 years ago, Billy Morrison was living on the streets, addicted to heroin. Since then, he’s played or recorded with The Cult, Camp Freddy, Royal Machines, Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler, Slash, Robbie Williams, Lou Reed, Ronnie Wood, Jerry Cantrell, Dave Navarro, and has been a member of Billy Idol’s band since 2010. He’s also a successful actor and contemporary painter whose works have been showcased in art galleries 

Great stories about Billy getting sober and what prompted him to get clean in the first place, why he moved to LA from London (NOT what you’re thinking), working with Ozzy, growing up with Billy Duffy, God shaped holes, why his work ethic is so strong, things he’s done that have been out of his comfort zone (BEST answer to this question ever!), kindness, Sex Pistols, his moral compass, cleaning the house, and why he always wears a nice watch. SUPER cool conversation:





Craig Garber

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