Rob Turner Interview – EMG Pickups Founder – Everyone Loves Guitar


In 1975, Rob founded EMG pickups. A year later, he came up with the prototype for the world’s first active pickup. Over 44 years, 4 million pickups and 65 employees later, Rob’s impact on pickups, guitar tone & noise reduction, is legendary

This is a great conversation because Rob both educates us about pickups and also shares some interesting personal background information. He explains how pickups work, the numerous benefits of active pickups, what prompted him to come up with the idea of not only the active pickup, but how he thought of making it completely solderless. EMG quality control and other specifics that make EMG unique

A painful personal tragedy in Rob’s life, perseverance, 32 years of marriage, his biggest business and personal wins, toughest decisions he’s had to make, being even-keeled, the “low stress diet,” and much more. VERY interesting convo





Craig Garber

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