John Ferraro Interview – Larry Carlton – Everyone Loves Guitar

Larry Carlton’s drummer for 18 years, John’s been touring with Burt Bacarach for the last 7 years, and has also played with Rod Stewart, George Benson, Robben Ford, Jay Graydon, Abraham Laboriel Sr, Albert Lee, Steve Lukather, Boz Scaggs, Steve Morse, Linda Rondstadt, Eddie Van Halen, Carl Verheyen, Promise Keeper’s… and done soundtracks for The Warriors, Frasier, Anchorman 2 and hundreds of other projects

Great stories about playing w Larry Carlton, Rod Stewart, George Benson, Steve Morse, EVH, more… why he turned down Allan Holdsworth, the literal once in a lifetime plane flight that COMPLETELY changed his business & personal life… cool music side-hustles John’s involved with, tons more. Great convo with a class act:





Craig Garber

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