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Most people know Will as one of the founding members of the Hellecasters, but he was also a session player with artists like Michael Nesmith, Thomas Dolby, Joe Walsh, Carlene Carter, Steve Earle and Tom Jones. His songs have appeared on TV shows such as Oprah, the Tonight Show, and the NBA Basketball Championships.

Will was injured during the Vietnam war and once he came home, he attended college, took his GI Bill funds and purchased a $5,000 stereo. He also practiced guitar no less than 8 hours a day. Will shares some amazing stories about the brilliance of Michael Nesmith, why Chas Chandler scheduled Hendrix to open for the Monkees, why Hendrix then got thrown off the gig (genius move, by the way)… how the Hellecasters were formed, finding your bliss, G&L Musical Instruments vs. Fender. Will has a simple and very practical way of living his life and it’s well worth your time to listen to it. AMAZING conversation, dig it:

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