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A lifetime sideman, Mark’s played over 3,000 gigs with artists like John Entwistle, Leslie West, Billy Squier, Michael Bolton, Neil Schon, Jack Bruce, Randy Jackson, Joe Satriani, The Tubes, Brian Johnson, David Johansen. Also a member of Rat Race Choir, one of the most popular NYC area bands.

The rise and fall of Rat Race Choir and why the band never took off… playing with John Entwistle & John Bonham… perseverance & procrastination, smoking weed (the first time) & discovering Hendrix (also for the first time!), and much more:





Craig Garber

4 thoughts on “Mark Hitt Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar

  1. Excellent interview with Mark Hitt I was his NY attorney bi grew up in Cortlandt down the street from Mark. I knew the family. Also got my recrds in Caldors! Great guy. Always positive i was bith happy and sad hearing him. Thank you for your excellent work. Donald Singer Cortlandt NY

  2. What an amazing talent and fun person he was. My brother, James Lawrence has always been a HUGE fan, and also we a His grandma and mine were sisters! so cool to be – family. I am 12 years younger than James and Mark, so I knew him somewhat at family gatherings. James nearly was a roadie and they loved each other’s company! James’ love for guitar was encouraged and celebrated through Mark HItt! James and Mark were kindred spirits and James was devastated to hear of his passing. Sadly his cousin James lost his battle with cancer in October 2023,and I have no doubt they are rocking hard up there in heaven together! Play on…play on!

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