Carl Orr Interview – Billy Cobham, George Duke, Sting – Everyone Loves Guitar

WOW! Amazingly thorough convo, compelling from start to finish. A lifetime side man who’s also recorded 9 LPs as a band leader, Carl’s performed over 300 times at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club (where Jeff Beck once came specifically to watch him perform)… and has literally played all over the world with acts like Billy Cobham, George Duke, Ernie Watts, Randy Brecker, Bennie Maupin & more

Carl’s story of how he got to play w Billy Cobham is one of persistence, patience, discipline, belief, and most importantly – action. It’s one of the coolest stories you’ll hear and will inspire you to do more in your own life. Carl talks about playing with Sting & George Duke… how he got involved with Buddhism, how it saved his life and helped him grow and develop coping skills… brilliant advice his dad gave him, proposing (3 weeks after they met) to his wife of 28 years… getting comfortable with yourself, and loads more. VERY positive and cool, a MUST listen:





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