Walter Ino Interview – Survivor, Eagles of Death Metal – Everyone Loves Guitar

The quintessential sideman, Walter was most recently the lead guitar player for Eagles of Death Metal. He’s also played with Survivor, and has been the music director and/or multi-instrumentalist for The Baby’s, and a number of national Symphony Rock shows across the country, as well as part of the house band for the weekly Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A Go Go. He’s also played with Denny Lane, Jack Russell

Musically advanced at a young age: at 14, he was studying piano under the head of music at a local university, then went abroad to Russia to perform and act. Where he honed his chops, what he did during a dark period of his life and the outcome, great advice for musicians looking to get more work, cool gear, his top 3 music experiences, getting signed & LOADS more really cool stuff:





Craig Garber

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