Brandon Mendenhall, Sebastian Paquet Interview – Mind Over Matter – Everyone Loves Guitar

Star & director of the documentary Mind Over Matter, a movie about redemption, righteousness, and the power of rock ‘n roll to inspire both. Also stars James “Munky” Shaffer, Jonathan Davis & Brian “Head” Welch, from Korn

The movie is the biographical documentary of Brandon’s life. Brandon was born with cerebral palsy and overcomes a paralyzed left hand, a troubled family life, abusive bullies and stereotypes. But once he heard Korn’s first record, all he could think about was becoming a guitar player. This movie shows you how he accomplished this dream, while conquering drugs, discrimination and other uphill battles along the way. This is a MUST listen, and as you’ll see I have a deep, personal connection to this as well:





Craig Garber

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