Victor Griffin Interview – Pentagram, Place of Skulls – Everyone Loves Guitar

Pentagram’s longest tenured guitar player and founder of Death Row (Pentagram predecessor), Victor dives deep in this amazingly cool interview. Some wild stories here including the one about the first guitar Victor was given, by a friend of his father, who was shot later on that same night – yikes!

Victor talks about the pre-Pentagram days, struggles he had moving things forward – musically and personally, dealing with drugs and alcohol, getting thrown off the tour with Black Sabbath and his subsequent very cool apology to Tony Iommi, dealing with personal demons, crowing highs and self-sabotaging lows, and the redemption of a great love story and finding God when he needed him. Plus, guitars, amps, the actual amp settings Victor uses to get his amazing tone, Sudsy Malones, compassion and a TON of really cool stuff. This one’s a MUST listen:





Craig Garber

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