Bill Hullett Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar

Bill started playing professionally at age 14, in the SF Bay area, then moved to Nashville and spent over 30 years as a first-call session player, recording on hundreds of records. He was also part of the house band for TNN’s Music City Tonight & Country Homecoming TV shows. Bill’s played with Alabama, Chet Atkins, David Llen Coe, Ernest Tubb, Glen Campbell, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon, Willie and Hank (both Sr. & Jr.)

Bill talks about how he was pretty much forced to join the Navy Reserve, and what the anti-Vietnam movement was like in the early 1970’s in the Bay Area… how his wife changed his life, not just personally – but professionally, as well… how he managed to break into session work once he moved to Nashville… some GREAT stories about guitars, and much more. Very cool and interesting convo:  





Craig Garber

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