Shem von Schroeck – TOTO –  Best Of Everyone Loves Guitar

This is a rebroadcast of one of the more popular Everyone Loves Guitar episodes, while Craig is out on vacation.

Shem has toured and recorded with Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, David Foster, Christopher Cross, Don Felder, Stephen Stills, Tom Jones, Gary Wright, Spooky Tooth and many other artists.

Shem grew up in a very musical family. His dad was an arranger in New York City, and his mom was a professional singer. This creativity is what motivated him to become not only an expert bass player, but a multi-instrumentalist, music director, solo tenor opera singer, orchestra conductor, and fiction author. The tremendous impact a horse ranch in Idaho had, on Shem. And a troubling decision Shem made, and how he bounced back from it, and more. Listen NOW:





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