Satchel from Steel Panther Interview –  Best Of Everyone Loves Guitar

This is a rebroadcast of one of the more popular Everyone Loves Guitar episodes, while Craig is out on vacation.

Do NOT listen to today’s show if you are easily offended! Steel Panther is a comedic glam metal band from LA, known for their profane, misogynistic and humorous lyrics. But don’t kid yourself, these guys are excellent, demanding musicians with 5 major label albums…

Satchel discusses his Charvel “Satchel” guitars… the deep and personal meaning of his songs, “Gloryhole,” and “I Got What You Want,” (hint, “5 ½ inches of love”)… putting your own album out right out of the box… and his second choice of careers. This was a hilarious conversation, CLEARLY over the top, satire. Satchel rarely gives personal interviews like this, so listen… NOW:





Craig Garber

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