Tony Bruno Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar

Tony worked with Joan Jett & Rihanna (both 5 years), Enrique Iglesias, K’naan, Delta Goodrem & others, as lead guitarist, music director and show programmer, responsible for all facets of live shows, working with the artist & AV staff. TV credits include The Grammys, MTV Music Awards, TRL, more. Tony has written and produced songs for top artists including Mandy Moore, Donna Summer, INXS, Colin Hay and Enrique Iglesias.

GREAT stories here about living with Aldo Nova, auditioning for Joan Jett and why she was furious with him, performing with Rihanna & Kanye West on the NBA and MTV Music Awards, close relationship he had with his father, why he quit working with Enrique Iglesias, learning to read music at age 52, really cool story how he met his wife, and LOADS more interesting stuff:





Craig Garber

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