Jeff Fielder Interview – Mark Lanagan, Amy Ray – Everyone Loves Guitar

Currently touring with Amy Ray and a fixed part of Mark Lanagan’s touring & studio band for a while now, and was on the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown episode with Mark, as well… Jeff’s an incredibly hard working player out of Seattle. He’s also played with Dave Abbruzzese, Star Anna, Stone Gossard, Duff McKagan and others

Jeff talks about some of the family hardships he had early on and their impact… Playing with Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi, Joe Walsh, Robbie Robertson & Chrissie Hynde… most influential musical experience (NOT what you’d think)… favorite guitar players (again, NOt what you’d think)… mistakes he made and lessons learned. VERY candid convo, great guy, incredibly grateful, optimistic and driven:  





Craig Garber

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