Rich Eckhardt Interview – Toby Keith – Everyone Loves Guitar

Rich has literally toured the world with Toby Keith over the last 20 years as his lead guitarist. Along the way, he released two solo records, acted on the hit TV series Nashville, for 4 years… and has played with Willie nelson, Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and loads of others. Ted Nugent also named Rich as one of his favorite guitarists

Great stories about how he got the gig with Toby Keith, playing with Steven & Joe from Aerosmith… getting through a really difficult time he had, career-wise, during which he did not pick up his guitar for 6 months, and how he wound up coming out of this… why he’s NEVER sold a guitar… surviving divorce & many more cool stories. GREAT convo:





Craig Garber

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