Carl Verheyen Interview – Supertramp – Everyone Loves Guitar

A first-call LA Session player for over 30 years, Carl’s played on records by Albert Lee, Robben Ford, Robin Thicke, Joe Bonamassa, Scott Henderson, B.B. King, Glenn Frey, John Fogerty, Steve Morse, Stanley Clarke, Belinda Carlisle, Dave Grusin, Melissa Manchester, Jose Feliciano and literally 00’s of others. He’s also provided the music and scoring on over 60 motion pictures, TV shows, movies and cartoons, and has been a full band member of Supertramp for almost 20 years, and has played with the band for 33 years

Carl tells dozens of stories here, about his 2 signature guitars, his top 3 studio sessions, movie and television experiences, celebrity music lessons he’s given, and how he got the gig with Supertramp. He also talked about why he’s walked away from some gigs, including an Allan Holdsworth gig, and a 14-month gig that would have paid him close to a half-million dollars… what it’s like playing in front of 180K people… how he keeps the guitar fresh, even after over 50 years of playing, and tons more cool stuff. A total PROFESSIONAL, in every sense of the word, amazing enthusiasm for guitar:





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