Guy King Interview –  Everyone Loves Guitar

Born and raised in a very small, rural town in Israel, Guy first arrived in the US, on tour at the age of 16. He spent 6 years as band leader and lead guitarist for Willie Kent, and today he is a Chicago blues and band leader staple. Guy was nominated for a 2017 Blues Music Award in the “Best Emerging Artist Album” category, and we sat down together the morning after he’s just finished playing a gig at Buddy Guy’s club, Legends

Guy shared some great stories about coming here alone and with virtually zero money, from Israel. What an incredible journey he’s had. What it’s like leading a band with up to as many 9 musicians in it at one time… changes he’s made over time in his selection of guitars… raising a family and trying to strike a balance, and more. Great convo w a player who’s stayed true to himself in character, and musically:





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