Tommy Byrnes Interview – Billy Joel, Brian Setzer – Everyone Loves Guitar

Tommy has been Billy Joel’s lead guitarist and musical director since 1990. He was also nominated for a Tony and a Grammy for his work with the Movin’ Out Broadway show and album.  He’s also toured and recorded with Enrique Iglesias, Brian Setzer, Joan Jett, and Taylor Dayne. Tommy wrote and produced Mandy Moore’s hit, “It’s Gonna Be Love.”

Tommy talks about getting the gig with Billy Joel, and his first show (no rehearsal!)… What happened early on in his career with Billy, when he kicked down the hotel room door in Germany… Flying over to London to try and get success, early on in his career… why you have to be honest with yourself and with each other, in order to make any relationship work… early influences and much more from a super cool dude





Craig Garber

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