Paul Taylor Interview – Winger, Steve Perry, Cinderella – Everyone Loves Guitar #299

Paul began his career touring on the road with the 1982 rock sensation Aldo Nova. Since then, he’s written multiple hits and toured with Winger, Alice Cooper, Steve Perry, Cinderella, John Waite, Tommy Shaw and more. Paul also has a successful career licensing his music to television and movies, which he discussed during this conversation

Paul also shares some cool stories about how he connected with Alice Cooper, Tommy Shaw, and Cinderella… getting started in music and how Country Joe McDonald wound up living with Paul and turned him on to guitar as a kid… how he got into licensing his music and the track that wound up paying his bills for 10 years… yellow finches, red cardinals, photography, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and more. Really interesting convo:





Craig Garber

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