Avi Bortnick Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #288

Avi Bortnick joined Scofield’s jam-oriented band in 2000 and has played rhythm guitar and electronics, along with co-producing and co-writing three records: Überjam, Up All Night, and Überjam Deux. He’s also played with Jim Weider, Zigaboo Modeliste, Bobby McFerrin, and his own Avi B Three. He’s known in musician circles for his rhythm guitar playing and ability to blend in a variety of musical configurations.  

We spent quite a bit of time on this call talking about Avi’s prolific side hustles, which include App Development, and consulting in a unique niche industry. Because he has these other income sources, he never feels pressure to take a gig or work with someone he really doesn’t want to work with. Plus, it allows him to live in NYC and be centrally located to the places he enjoys being near. Avi also had some great advice for other guitarists. Interesting interview, not our usual conversations:

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