Jamie Kime Interview – Dweezil Zappa, Michelle Branch, Jewel, The Baked Potato – Everyone Loves Guitar #278

Jamie Kime Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #278

A teacher on the faculty at Musician’s Institute, Jamie has recorded with a diverse roster of artists including Michelle Branch, Jewel, and Malford Milligan (Storyville). He was also a charter member of Zappa Plays Zappa from its inception in 2005/6 until mid-2012, earning a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Rock Performance, in 2009. Jamie was also a member of the house band at the world famous L.A. jazz club The Baked Potato, co-leading the weekly Monday Night Jamz for 13 years… with a current monthly residency at the club today

Jamie shares some great stories about working with Dr. John and Dweezil Zappa… growing up in a military household… the making of his solo album, “Alleys”… some unusual influences, and great advice for younger musicians…

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