Gary Hoey Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #223

Gary Hoey Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #223

One of my all-time favorite guitar players, Gary’s released 22 albums in the last 23 years… has had five top-20 Billboard hits… has recorded songs for the largest companies in America… and today, teaches Masterclasses at Berklee – a school he desperately wanted to attend when he was a teenager. Raised by a single mother of 6, Gary’s come a l-o-o-n-g way yet has managed to retain every ounce of his humility and compassion for people.

On top of this, he’s a Black Belt in Martial Arts! Plus, hustling in front of Berklee… his audition for Ozzy… moving across the country from Massachusetts to LA… Writing his absolute biggest hit in 15 minutes… Chet Atkins… Judge Judy… and a TON of really cool stuff to enjoy in this very cool conversation!…





Craig Garber

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