Vicki Genfan Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #184

Vicki Genfan Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #184

Vicki was the first woman to win Guitar Player magazine’s Guitar Superstar Competition. She has developed an incredibly melodic style of playing using 32 different open tunings, and a “slap-tap” technique. In the “slap” portion, she is using her thumb as if she was playing slap-funk bass… and in the “tap” portion, she’s playing harmonics. It’s very cool and with a really full sound – and, it’s completely unique…

Vicki’s childhood had quite a few challenges and she shares what the fallout of these challenges was… how she’s dealt with it… and what good things have come of it, for her. This was a VERY intense call where we covered a lot of personal issues and how to handle and not handle them. If you’re into personal development and individual growth, then you MUST listen to this episode!…





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