Andy Timmons Interview – Andy Timmons Band, Danger Danger   – Everyone Loves Guitar #160

Andy Timmons Interview – Andy Timmons Band, Danger Danger   – ELG#160

Andy Timmons is of the most intense and talented guitar players out there, period. He’s also one of the most genuine and sincere guys I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. His ability to go from raging fire to melodic ballads musically… is rooted in his inner sensitivity, kindness and humility…

For Andy, when it comes to playing, it’s all about serving the song, as he explains on this very candid conversation…

We talked about everything from why Andy always had incredible drummers like Simon Phillips and Mitch Marine… to cats… to our new up and coming show soon to be released called “Figuring Shit Out?” One of my favorite people and one of the best interviews I’ve ever had, listen to this now…





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