Andrew Sovine Interview – Ashley McBryde Lead Guitarist, Tour Manager & Band Leader, Session Player – Everyone Loves Guitar #65

Andrew was born in Nashville, into quite the musical family. His dad was a session guitarist and his grandfather, Red Sovine, had 3 Number 1 US Country Singles and another 5 in the top 20. Andrew has some really cool and nostalgic stories to share about growing up in such a musical environment

Andrew is also the tour manager and band leader for Ashley McBryde. There are a lot of interesting responsibilities that this encompasses. But since he’s been playing with Ashley for 7 years, he’s exactly the right person for that job. Find out why

Andrew’s current “go-to” guitar is literally the most unusual make and model I’ve ever heard of. And, he’s got a really cool back-story about how he found it, which includes…, Brooklyn, producer Jay Joyce… and Marc Ribot!

Andrew’s heartwarming definition of what the favorite part of his job is, and much more cool stuff on this call…

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