Examples of Full Show Episodes Showcasing Your Company:

BAM Cases

Robert Goetz was a successful CFO of an international plastics company, but decided to follow his heart and take over his family business, BAM Cases.

Robert Goetz was a successful CFO of an international plastics company, but decided to follow his heart and take over his family business, BAM Cases. BAM has been the world’s most innovative instrument case manufacturer for over 40 years, and Robert has really taken the company to the next level over the last 10 years since he’s been in charge.

Really cool stories about how the company started and his family’s 150 years in the music industry, inside secrets behind how BAM’s cases are so light and how they offer such great protection, why you can throw the case in a swimming pool without getting your guitar wet, little details BAM considers that other case manufacturers completely ignore… BAM’s unique and proprietary tracking device which monitors location, temperature and humidity – no matter where you are or how far your guitar might be away from you – even across the world. Being an optimist vs. being too optimistic, most important lessons learned, more. Great guy who really cares about his employees and his customers and has made some hard decisions to be consistent with this philosophy.

EMG Pickups

Rob Turner founded EMG in 1975, working out of his garage. 4 million pickups & 65 employees later, Rob’s impact on pickups, guitar tone, and noise reduction, is legendary

This is a great conversation because Rob both educates us about pickups and also shares some interesting personal background information. He explains how pickups work, the numerous benefits of active pickups, what prompted him to come up with the idea of not only the active pickup, but how he thought of making it completely solderless. EMG quality control and other specifics that make EMG unique

A painful personal tragedy in Rob’s life, perseverance, 32 years of marriage, his biggest business and personal wins, toughest decisions he’s had to make, being even-keeled, the “low stress diet,” and much more. VERY interesting convo

Taylor Guitars

Andy Powers, Master Guitar Designer @ Taylor Guitars

Andy Powers was personally asked to take over as the master guitar designer at Taylor Guitars, by Bob Taylor himself – listen to this interview & you’ll quickly realize why. A lifelong & professional musician, Andy’s background as a craftsman combined with his work ethic… along with his unique musical and life experience made him perhaps the ONLY person qualified to do this

Andy is an incredibly bright guy and shares the interesting origins of his passion… also, behind the scenes development of the “V Class” bracing system which has revolutionized the sound of the acoustic dreadnought guitar

This is a unique bracing system that was 5 years in the making, and noticeably improves the tone, sustain, tuning up and down the neck, balance, volume, voice, projection and dynamics of the guitar sound. It delivers a sound only available in post-production, prior to this… and Andy takes you through the entire process, top to bottom. Loads more, rare opportunity to get intimate with one of the giants of the guitar industry, a MUST listen