People ask if they can work with me on a consulting basis, and the answer is yes – in 3 different areas:

1. Podcasting

2. Marketing / Advertising

3. Copywriting

  1. Podcasting

On August 31, 2017 I dropped my first episode of Everyone Loves Guitar. I had no background at all in the music industry, no journalism background and literally zero contacts. In fact, in a few early episodes, I actually did some self-talk about guitars because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find guests for the show.

Four years and almost 900 episodes later we were the largest musicians’ interview show out there. I’ve had some of modern history’s greatest and most revered guitarists on the show, and a very healthy of the same for bass players and drummers. (You can check out some of our more popular shows here.)

Apparently of the over 2 Million podcasts out there, we are in the top 15-18% for listeners, and less than 100 of these podcasts have published as many episodes as we have.

I’ve learned a lot during this time, and combined with my marketing background, which I’ve been in since March of 2000 (see below), I’ve been fortunate to have done a few things that have helped our growth.

Here are just a few of the things I’m extremely qualified to help you with:

  1. How to define your audience, or your niche – and why this is probably THE most important aspect of your podcast
  2. Is this the right topic for you?
  3. How do you know if you’ll be able to create enough content? (and sources of endless free content for you to tap into)
  4. Who is your ideal listener?
  5. Why should they want to listen?
  6. How to create a differential between your show and shows that have other, similar topics?
  7. Is it possible to monetize your show, and if so… what types of monetization makes the most sense and will be easiest for you to set up?
  8. Should you do this on your own or with a friend / partner? Advantages and disadvantages of both
  9. Type of equipment you really need – the actual cost is MUCH lower than every “podcasting expert” out there is telling you. For example, I didn’t even invest in a “good” microphone until I’d done 600 episodes!
  10. And speaking of equipment – you should know which microphone to use and why you might want to use one over the other?
  11. Recording software: What to do, and maybe even more important… what not to do!
  12. How to make sure your room or studio helps your audio quality instead of hindering it
  13. Do you need a podcast release form?
  14. How much advance time should you give someone when scheduling your interviews?
  15. The two MOST important things you must do, if you are hosting an interview show!
  16. How to make sure your guest is prepared to do your show (VERY important)?
  17. The right way and the wrong way, to name your show
  18. What to put on your intros and outros – and what NOT to!
  19. Best way to distribute your podcast to get maximum listeners (and the one place most people never think of, that will ultimately double your listeners)…
  20. Where to get your logo designed without breaking the bank…
  21. How to write a show description
  22. What’s the best kind of podcast schedule to have? (Meaning, how often should you drop new shows?)
  23. When is the best time to drop your shows?
  24. How to leverage your podcast and get maximum Search Engine Optimization from it. This will draw organic listeners to your site better than anything else. Oh, and it’s actually Free to do this!
  25. Why are you even doing a podcast? (Note that there is only ONE reason for this)
  26. How to guarantee people will listen to your show…
  27. How long should your episodes be?
  28. Podcast format – what’s the best one to use: Solo, co-host, round table, storytelling, documentary, news, drama… the list is almost endless
  29. Easiest way to record your guests
  30. What music can you use on your show?
  31. Should you have a website, and if so… which one should you use?
  32. Best places to advertise your podcast?
  33. What’s the best way to format and present your content?
  34. What will your positioning be as the host?
  35. How to define success for your show?
  36. What’s the best way to handle negative feedback so it doesn’t mess with your mojo…?
  37. What’s the best way to handle confrontational listeners?
  38. The difference between credibility and believability and why you must have both

And any other questions you might have…

Also, if you have an existing podcast and you want me to give you some input or constructive criticism on it, I can do that, as well.

Podcast consulting is currently $300 per hour. I must let you know upfront that I have been doing more and more of these and at some point, I will either be increasing the rate… or, I will stop doing them altogether and create a “How to” Podcast Program.

For our time together, you can either pick and choose a handful of these questions, or you can ask me some of your own which aren’t listed. No question is too silly – so ask away. Everyone has things they’re worried about! You’re much better off asking me something and eliminating any anxieties you might have… than not asking me something because you’re concerned about my reaction. I’m here to help you, not judge you.

I will you to record the time we spend together so you can go over the recording as many times as you need to. Also, if you are unhappy with the time we spend together, let me know any time within the first 30 minutes we’re together and we’ll immediately stop and I’ll happily give you a full refund.

To schedule a time together,

Are You Currently Running A Fairly Successful Business, But Deep Down Inside… You Know You Could, and Should… Be Netting Much More Cash-Flow – Especially For All That Time and Energy You’re Putting Into It?

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Craig Garber

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, if my business had effective sales and marketing strategies that actually worked… I’d be bringing home LOADS more cash”… then this is the most exciting and important message you will ever read.

And here’s why: I’m Craig Garber, host of the Everyone Loves Guitar Podcast. What you may not know about me is that since March of 2000, I’ve been running a very busy marketing consulting firm. I’ve helped over 300 clients in 110 different industries all over the world… sell millions of dollars worth of goods and services. I’ve sold everything from $20 dollar books… to a variety of e-commerce retail businesses…. high-end consulting services… to $1,000 marketing programs… to $5,000 seminar seats… and everything in between.

During this time, I also authored “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” which you can find on

And for 10 years, I wrote and published an offline paid for hard-copy, monthly subscription-based newsletter, called Seductive Selling. The newsletter discussed (with live examples included) marketing and selling strategies, and how to write ad copy that sells. We had subscribers in 30 countries, all over the world.

And fortunately, when you’re good at marketing, other opportunities seem to come up. Here are some of the “side hustles” I’ve had, over the years:

  • e-commerce company, selling various types of Supplements online…
  • Companies which provided marketing and consulting services specifically to these niche markets: Mortgage brokers… and another providing same to Real Estate investors who do short sales…
  • Wholesaling single family homes, flipping mobile homes and raw land. This was really interesting for me, especially since growing up in New York City, I never even saw a mobile home until I was in my mid-30’s…
  • e-commerce anti-aging Skincare…
  • And, of course… this Podcast…

I also have a ton of experience selling high priced consulting services. Things like:

  • Legal services…
  • Insurance (property & casualty, life insurance, disability insurance, LTC insurance)…
  • Accounting & financial planning services…
  • Marketing consulting… real estate consulting… dental consulting services… mortgage / loan services…
  • Animal communicator services (And yes, I’m dead serious)…
  • Dating services… tutoring… weight loss services… custom wine making…
  • Chiropractic… debt relief… home restoration… drug & alcohol rehab, and loads of others…

And here are the kind of results I’ve achieved:

  • A financial services professional in the midwest increased his leads by 51%. Because he was now also dealing with more qualified leads, his net cash-flow went up by 60%. And his lead acquisition costs also dropped by 21%.
    This meant he could now spend the same amount of money on advertising as before… get 25% more clients and have 60% more cash in his pockets. So, more clients, more revenue, and much greater cash-flow than before – with a lot less stress and work involved.…
  • An affiliate campaign I wrote, delivered these results for two separate affiliates: A 30.96% click through rate on one campaign, with 100% (yes, 100%) of these people ordering. We didn’t do as well with the second promotion, but still… nothing to feel badly about, with a 44.68% click through rate, and 88.88% of these folks ordering…
  • I wrote a solo email drop to a cold list of medical professionals, and it got a 15.43% open rate, and a click-through rate of 21.4%…
  • A webinar registration landing page I put together for a client in the boutique high-end service business had a 54% conversion rate. This means 54% of the people who landed on the page, also registered for the webinar. The webinar host was pitching an in-person workshop, which he more than sold out (using a sales letter I wrote). As a result, he had to book a larger hotel room. But as you can imagine… this is a great problem for you to have!…
  • And only 7 days after an information product launch I put together, 37.73% of the people who clicked through, ordered…
  • An e-commerce company I worked with in the supplement space: For Diet pill sales, our average sale was $286. For Krill Oil, our average sale was $330. At the time, both of these numbers were roughly 50% higher than the industry average sale. On top of that, 35% of all orders purchased at least 1 upsell order. And by the way, all these leads were generated from a “cold list.” Meaning, they had no relationship with us before. They were simply responding to a cold ad they saw, online. How can this be? Simply because… when you understand how to structure an offer… how to develop a sales funnel that works… and how to push your customer’s emotional buy-buttons… things often work out that way.

Plus, Other Winning Promotions, Like These:

  1. A direct mail piece I created for a client in the service industry, generated a 47.1% lead generation response on the first mailing. Yes, that means 47.1% of all the people who received this mailer, raised their hands and responded “Yes” to it. In fact, the client couldn’t mail out a second or third mailer because he already exceeded the allotted number of tele-seminar participants allowed on his call, from this first mailer.I then coached him on how to structure his presentation and how to do the sales pitch and the “close” on his call. He went on to sell $151,000 worth of information products on this call. And by the way, this was the FIRST tele-seminar he’d ever hosted or tried selling on…
  2. An email sequence I created recently went out to a small email list of only 95 dentists. Within the first 4 days, 4 workshop sales were already made – 3 at $2,597, and 1 at $3,597 – $11,388 total…
  3. And then there’s this campaign: One of my side hustles is investing in real estate – specifically wholesaling properties. A lead generation mailer I wrote in this space got a 32.85% response rate within the first 3 weeks. This means nearly 1/3rd of all the prospects who received this postcard, picked up their phone and reacted to it…

Now imagine the kind of impact these things would have on your business:

  • Increasing the number of qualified leads you’re consistently getting, by over 50%…
  • Net cash-flow up, significantly…
  • Advertising costs down…
  • Exorbitant click-through rates to customers or clients actually “buying stuff”…
  • Huge lead generation conversion rates, with leads flowing into a pre-designed, and very deliberate sales funnel (which you can automate)…
  • Routinely doing successful launches…
  • Charging significantly higher prices than your competitors, and having your customers and clients loving you for what you do for them – not bitching about how much you charge…
  • Customers buying multiple products at once…

And listen, most business owners don’t “need” to achieve numbers like this. The truth is, if you were able to increase your numbers by even one-tenth of these results… it would still probably have a significant impact on your net cash-flow, right?

You bet! And because you’re a listener of this podcast… you may now be qualified to have a one-on-one…

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Craig Garber

Look, you’ll be amazed how a few simple tweaks can dramatically change your business. And this improvement, along with the increase in net cash-flow that results… is what allows you to retire comfortably, put your kids through college, and take those much-needed vacations whenever you want to get away — without having to worry about, “Can we really afford this now?”

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Either way, thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you good health and continued success, always.

Craig Garber

Best wishes,

Craig Garber

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