About our Opening & Closing Music

September 2018: Our opening intro music changed to the tail end of the song “Fire and Blood,” which is the 5th song off the album Black Rain, by Samarkind.

Michal Kulbaka (guitar) and David Byrne (vocals) were kind enough to let me use this as my opening. Michal is an amazing guitarist – here, check out his version of Freddie King’s “The Stumble” on his YouTube channel, and if you like it, please subscribe to his channel.

And if you’re thinking his name sounds familiar, you’re right. I interviewed Michal a while back, and you can check out his interview and listen to his cool story, right here.

I’ve taken a number of lessons from Michal, and I can also tell you with 100% confidence, he’s a very competent and incredibly caring teacher. He goes way beyond the call of duty to make sure you’re getting as much as possible out of your work with him. If you’re interested in connecting with him about lessons, message him on his facebook page, here

Anyway, if you don’t know Samarkind, please check them out! They’re out of Ireland and are great rockers and just really good guys. I’d appreciate if you support them, they deserve it. If you like old school 1970’s hard rock – Gibson Les Paul plugged into a Marshall… you’ll LOVE their stuff.

In the beginning (August 31, 2017)… both the opening and closing music are just tracks I purchased to use for this purpose