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Some preliminary info on the show and on the host:

% Repeat Listeners: 72-78% of our listeners are also subscribers – this is a HUGE retention rate. It means 3 out of every 4 people who are listening, listen regularly… believe in the show… and know, like and trust what I’m saying.

We are also in the top 18% of ALL podcasts (and rapidly growing), in terms of active number of listeners.

Listeners: 75% male / 25% female  (Other stats available upon request)

About Your Host, Craig Garber:

A lifelong guitar enthusiast and player, I’m 54 years old and have been working for myself for the last 20 years. As someone who grew up completely in love with music, and in particular, the guitar… this is, by far, the most fun and exciting project I’ve ever worked on. And as you’ll see in a minute, I’ve definitely been around the block.

I’m originally from NYC, currently living in Tampa, Florida since 2005. Graduated college with a degree in Accounting, worked as a CPA with a Big 6 firm, got into sales, then ran my own Estate Planning and asset management firm from 1994 to 2000.

In 1999, I got heavily into learning about direct-response marketing and since March of 2000, I have run a marketing consulting firm. I’ve worked in over 108 different industries – consulting with businesses on generating leads, building sales funnels, developing marketing systems, and writing ad copy.

My strengths are lead generation, maximizing customer value, and lowering customer acquisition costs. Wrote and published a book on marketing, sales and writing ad copy in 2009, called How to Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.

For 10 years, I also published a monthly, paid for subscription newsletter called “Seductive Selling.” This newsletter came with a packet of inserts (ads, other marketing strategies and items) which were discussed throughout the newsletter text. It also contained a monthly interview I did, with either one of my clients or a peer, discussing marketing strategies.

I have written literally thousands of ads, emails and sales letters, selling items from a $20 book… to $5,000 seminar seats. I have a great track record and would be happy to share specific performance results with you, if you’d like. I’ve also been involved in loads of side projects during this time, from e-commerce businesses selling supplements… to running seminars and teaching loan officers how to market their business… and several other things, in between.

Which means if you need help developing your ad for the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast, or with your marketing in general… I am also available to help you.

Most important: You will NEVER have to deal with any kind of “sales junk” when you’re working with me. I’m not pushy one little bit. If it’s a fit for you to advertise on Everyone Loves Guitar, that’s great. And if it’s not, that’s totally fine, as well. I hate being pushed around in any way, myself – which is why I’m so cognizant of this when dealing with others.

I’m also very stable – you’ll always be talking to the same “Craig.” Doesn’t matter if you call me at 5pm on a Monday afternoon, or 9 am on a Thursday morning. Been with my wife for 26 years – we have 3 children (2 boys and a girl) & 1 grandchild. I’m in great shape, have a tremendous work ethic, and hobbies include playing guitar, working out, traveling, photography, fishing, good cigars and good coffee. I love being an entrepreneur and I’m always looking for new projects and side hustles, when I have the time for them.

Thanks, Craig Garber

Now here’s some information about podcast advertising, in general: 

According to the latest IAB/PwC Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, businesses poured $314 million into advertising on podcasts in 2017. That’s an 86% increase over 2016’s $169 million. Research predicts podcast revenue will surge to $659 million by 2020. Dan Franks, co-founder of Podcast Movement, says, “This study confirms what many of us inside the industry already know: podcast advertising works, and revenues are on the rise.”

The Podcasting Intelligence Report shows that 49% of podcast listeners are more likely to influence those around them and have a higher discretional spend on key categories such as retail, travel and entertainment. Advertising delivered by the podcast host was found to be most effective in capturing audience attention, with listeners twice as likely to trust the message that host-read ads deliver.

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